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Ask Pastor Reuben

I'm very confused regarding

a Jewish objection to Jesus

as the Messiah which goes like this:

 Tribal affiliation is conferred

 through the birth father only!?

S H A L O M !



Biblical Question:

Dear Pastor Reuben,

Hello,  I'm very confused regarding a Jewish objection to Jesus as the Messiah which goes like this:
"The Bible says that the Messiah would be of the tribe of Judah and a descendant of David.  According to Christians, Jesus was born of a virgin. However, tribal affiliation is conferred through the birth father only (Numbers 34:14, Numbers 1:18-44, Leviticus 24:10).  The mother's tribal affiliation was considered irrelevant to what her children's tribal affiliation was and tribal affiliation/genealogy could not be inherited though a stepfather; only property could be inherited.  Because Christians believe that Jesus had no human father, he would have had no tribal affiliation and would be eliminated from messianic consideration."

This Jewish anti-missionary site has an article entitled "Jesus Failed To Fulfill Any of The Six Authentic Jewish Messianic Criteria" which makes the above objection.

How can this claim be answered or refuted?

Thanks in advance. In Christ,


Pastor Reuben's Answer:

Shalom Dylan,

Thank you for your concern and question.  The battle for the soul of mankind is pressing and the answer from God (of Israel) maligned by even those who have been entrusted with His promises.

TO LIFE - L'CHAIM! ... How to find Eternal Life

The promised Messiah from God is according to His way, not any limited human path or means. Proverbs 3:5-6

The True Messiah has both a natural origin and a supernatural origin, which became possible by virtue of the virgin conception. Genesis 3:15 presents the clear prophecy of the coming of the Messiah, as the "seed of the woman".   The woman's seed is Jesus the Messiah.   As God, He was eternally existent; as a Man, He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin.  So He was truly both God and Man.   The very mention of a seed of a woman goes contrary to the Biblical norm, for nationality was always reckoned after the seed of the man.  That is why, in all the genealogies of Scripture, only the male names are given with some very rare exceptions.   The reason why the Messiah must be reckoned after the Seed of the woman is explained by Isaiah 7:14: the Messiah will be born of a virgin.   Since the Messiah will not have a human father, His national origin will have to be reckoned after the woman, since His humanity comes only from her.  So the very expression "her seed" implied a miraculous conception. His father was God.

Please review:  The Real Yeshua/Jesus information


If Yeshua/Jesus is not the Messiah of God, let others Biblically and historically show who is.


Source and reference:
   The Bible (Old & New Covenants)
   The Footsteps of the Messiah by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum


May God bless you and keep you Dylan


In His service,


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