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get out of jail free

      Your loving Creator, God, the one that gives you each breath, did not create you for Hell but to live eternally in Heaven! This is the best news a human heart can hear!  God himself came to earth to purchase a place in heaven for you… it cost Him his life!  ‘The wages of our sin is death (eternal separation from God) but the FREE GIFT from God is eternal life, ‘paid in full’  by Jesus Himself! Romans 6:22-23; 5:8-10; Acts 3:19!  Adam and Eve had to leave God’s presence in the Garden of Eden for only one sin. God takes sin very seriously. He gave the 10 Commandments.


      If you have ever told one lie, the 9th Commandment makes you a liar. Ever stolen one thing, the 8th Commandment makes you a thief. You then have broken two out of ten. Our sin leaves us guilty before a Holy and Righteous God.  By repenting of our sin and trusting what HE Jesus did on the Cross to rescue us, we can receive His Free Gift!  It is like using your ‘Get out of Hell Free card’, except it was extremely costly for God!


Receive God’s Free Gift of Love today, don’t put it off because tomorrow is never guaranteed.


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