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The angel of the Lord

is Jesus?



S H A L O M !


Biblical Question:

Dear Pastor Reuben,

    In the Old Testament, 'the angel of the Lord' is often referred to, and in most versions I have seen in the margin it will write 'or Angel' and I have often heard people say that the reference here is to the Son of God, this would seemingly offer support to the doctrine of some that Jesus was an angel who later passed to glory and was crowned next to an attempt to keep things short I think that you know the confusion that this can present.. do you have anything on this that can help, perhaps the original Hebrew can help...perhaps you can help me....?

Thanks, Graham

Pastor Reuben's Answer:

Shalom Graham,

Jesus is not nor never has been an angel.  Scripture clearly says He has always since the beginning existed with God, and is God. John 1 and countless other references which are available to your Biblical study and search. Also look at these to see that the phrase Biblically = God in the majority of the cases: Exodus 3:2, Genesis 31:11,13; 22:11, Judges 13:20


Some falsely and without Biblical evidence, teach that Jesus was mere man or an angel who was exalted for his service and faithfulness. Like the Jehovah Witnesses, who are mislead and on a route of destruction; much like those referred to in my answered question #8.

Hope this helps your walk with the Lord.

Pastor Reuben

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