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B I B L E..... T O R A H


God's Instructions




40-100 B. C. E. (B.C.)./C. E. (A.D.) :

How We Got The New Testament / B’rit Hadashah

Was The New Testament Written In Hebrew?

P R O P H E C Y   and  E N D - T I M E S  E V E N T S

Yeshua-Jesus In Bible Prophecy


T H E  B I B L E

The Authenticity of the Bible

I N D E X  of  T A N A K H - O L D C O V E N A N T  P A S S A G E S  C I T E D

in the  B ' R I T  H A D A S H A H - N E W  C O VE N ANT

Index of Old Testament-Covenant Passages Cited in the New Testament-Covenant


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