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False and

'Near Christian' Religions


I S L A M:

The Origins of Islam Video

19 Reasons Why Many Honorable People Don't Want to Be Muslims

Agenda of Islam - a War Between Civilizations

Arabic Language Programs Card

Authenticity of the Bible

Contrasting Jesus and Muhammad

Crusades and Islam

Dhimmitude in Islam

Is Allah Same as The God of the Bible?

Islam and Christianity Teachings

Jesus in the Qur’an

Jews and Christians in Islam


Messiah His Deity

More Than Dreams Testimony Video – Islamists meet the real Jesus!

Muhammad's Alleged Night Journey in Sura 17

Muslim Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus

Muslim vs. The Followers of Jesus

Origins of Islam   

Partial Listing of Some Variants in the Qur'an 

Proving for Muslims that Jesus is God (and Lord)   

Sin in Christianity and Islam

Sin, Judgement and Righteousness

The Answer is in The Straight Path!

Three Stages of Jihad.

Truth in Islam

Was the Quran from God

Why Neither Mohammed nor Baha'ullah Are in The Bible

Why We Love Muslims or Why I am Not a Muslim

Women Under Islamic Sharia Law


T H I N K   I S L A M   I S   A   " r e l i g i o n   o f   p e a c e ?"

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Jihadwatch's Home Page        Answering Islam's Home Page        Muslim Hope's Home Page



Baptismal Regeneration-Salvation??

Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?

FREEMASONRY- A fiery red serpent called Lucifer


The New Apostolic Church

Roman Catholic vs Biblical Christianity

World Mission Society Church of God 

Biblical Answers to the World Mission Society Church of God – Encountering The Cult Of Ahnsahnghong


Additional Truth vs Error Cultic comparison with Biblical views

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