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Salvation Testimony of

Jeff Swank

It is good for me that I have been afflicted

that I may learn your statutes.

Psalms 119:71




  Born in a small town with 2 brothers and a sister I spent my growing up totally involved with athletics.  At age 15 my then focus shifted to alcohol, promiscuity and all that accompanies that lifestyle.   Although still active in sports throughout high school there was a large void in my life that I kept trying to fill.  By the time I was 20 years old, getting drunk, into trouble and a promiscuous lifestyle was my world.  (There is a way that seems right to man but, in the end, leads to death) A move to Colorado would surely change my "luck".  In 1984 I did this and God put me on a collision course with Jesus Christ!

   After being hired by a Christian man in the business of property management, I worked hard and moved up the responsibility ladder quickly in a little over two years.  But my alcohol addiction and sinful lifestyle continued.

   On August 17, 1987 I suffered a Cerebral Hematoma.  Only by God's grace did I survive this and the emergency brain operation.

   While recovering in the hospital a phone call from a Christian uncle about Jesus Christ, an odd visit from a Christian lady I barely knew (who prayed fervently for me in my room), and a Bible from my boss, set the stage for God's amazing grace once again.

   Upon release from the hospital, I had some physical disabilities that reminded me of my brush with death.

   Then, on October 29th, 1987 my boss presented the Gospel to me And lead me in a prayer of  forgiveness and acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!!  At the moment I prayed I knew something dramatic had just occurred.  My life changed drastically soon after this and my new life as a  "new creation" started to sweep to the sin of alcohol abuse, promiscuity out of my life.  My hunger was now God's word.

   In fact, the Lord has seen fit to allow me to work full-time as a missionary for a wonderful ministry named MENORAH -Menorah Ministries- from 1994-2005.  He has shown me that He can radically change a person through Jesus Christ!  To Him be all the praise.  I am also very thankful for a Christian grandmother who faithfully prayed for me and a boss who prayed and showed this love for me by being bold enough to share  the Good News of Jesus with me.  God used these people and others to carry out His divine plan.

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Jeffs first Israel photo
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