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Messianic Biblical Answers To Asked Questions

_Not all questions are posted…far to many, so ask one_

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    1. Was the New Testament (Brit Chadashah) written in Hebrew?
    2. Is the Biblical Menorah only a Jewish symbol?
    3. Is Jehovah the correct name for God?

    4. Is Jehovah the same as Allah & should Christians use this Arabic name Allah in

        “Christian" Bibles, conversations and worship?


    1. The Angel of the Lord is Jesus?


  Jewish Evangelism:
    1. Does a Jew stop being Jewish when they believe in Jesus?
    2. How did (do) non-Jewish people become "righteous" before God in Biblical times and today,
        according to Jewish Law?
    3. Do Jews still consider themselves saved from God's judgment?
    4. A Jewish objection to Jesus as the Messiah ...tribal affiliation through the birth father only!?.

    5. How To Witness to a Jewish/Person 


  Messianic Jewish Movement:
    1. Why do some leaders in the Messianic Jewish Movement say they are a rabbi or a Messianic Rabbi?


    1. What is this Gog and Magog stuff.... who & why??

    2. The Rapture…..when do you think this will occur?


  End Times:

    1. The “Book of Enoch”  Some say it is or should be included in the Bible.  I am confused!


  General Biblical Questions:
    1. What does B.C.E. & C.E. mean - why does the Jewish community use them rather than B.C. & A.D.
    2. Is the Trinity Jewish?
    3. Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force
    4. Was the "Star of David" really something David or his son King Solomon used on their shields?

    5. Are the saints of God going to live with Him/God forever and ever in heaven?

    6. Does God hear/answer the prayers of a sinner/unbeliever?

    7. What does confession really mean in the Bible?  Does a believer need to? 


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