The J E S U S / Y E S H U A

Movie- Watch it now

in the language of your choice.

A remarkable film, full of drama.

The attention to biblical accuracy catapults

you back into the life and time of

Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ.


You walk the same historical streets, you experience the same wonderful miracles, and you are touched by the power of God as you relive the most important events in the history of mankind.


Filmed entirely on location in Israel, "JESUS" lets you feel a

part of history in the making. "JESUS" is more than a story.


Virtually every word spoken by Messiah/Christ comes from the biblical text

of the Gospel of Luke. This two-hour film epic will personally challenge you.


How about you?


Have you received God's love, your Redeemer,

the Stone whom the builders rejected?

In Him is life, light, joy and in His sacrifice is forgiveness of sin.


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