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Become My Salvation

The Mercy Seat of God, which sat above the Law.
Where God and Israel met while Cherubim gazed in awe.
A symbol of God’s grace and the One who was to come.
Clothed in human flesh, and what He’d save us from.

 The gold was pure and flawless, as pure as He would be.
An unblemished sacrifice for all the world to see.

How wonderful of God to share with us His plan.
As Salvation walked among us, God’s Son became a man.

Our sins He came to cover, just like the Mercy Seat.
Then we would discover God again had come to meet.
Above His Holy Law, with grace and perfect peace!


 Exodus 25:10-22     Exodus 37:6-9     Isaiah 12:1-2     Psalm 2:1-12

John 1:14     Ephesians 2:13-15     Philippians 2:5-8

Hebrews 9:1-5     Hebrews 10:10


                                                           Jeffrey D. Swank -‘7’03
                                            MENORAH-Menorah Ministries

How about you? Have you received your Redeemer,

the Stone whom the builders rejected?
In Him is life, light and joy and

in His sacrifice is forgiveness of sin.


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