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While it’s still day
To come to God, the only way.
By Faith in Christ Who died for all.
So hear His voice and heed His call.
No Priest or Pastor nor Apostle can
mediate for mortal man.
God’s own Son needs no hand

to secure salvation in God’s plan.
By grace through Faith when hope seemed dim.
We placed our trust in Only Him.
Now in God’s mercy we’re justified.
The blood of Christ has been applied.
Our lives now His, being sanctified.

Today's the day, will you come in?
To find the rest, freed from sin.
You'll know for sure of your fate.
That you'll pass through Heaven's gate.


John 3:16     John 10:3     Romans 5:8     I Corinthians 6:11

Galatians 2:16     Titus 3:5-7     Hebrews 2:11    

Hebrews 4: 6-7     I John 5:10-13

                                                        Jeffrey D. Swank -‘7’03
                                              MENORAH-Menorah Ministries

How about you? Have you received your Redeemer,

the Stone whom the builders rejected?
In Him is life, light and joy and

in His sacrifice is forgiveness of sin.

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