Truth vs. Error
7 Biblical Fundamentals Compared
to 13 False World Faith Religions

TRUTH.... "They received the Word with all readiness of mind,

and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so."
Acts 17:11


Armstrongism vs. The Bible

Christian Science vs. The Bible

Eastern Mystism vs. The Bible

Freemasonry vs The Bible

Islam vs The Bible

Jehovah Witness vs. The Bible

Mormonism vs. The Bible

Mormon brother letter from a brother

Mormon Rebuttal and Response to Such.

New Apostolic Church vs. The Bible

Spiritualism vs. The Bible

The Way International vs. The Bible

Unification Church vs. The Bible

Unity vs. The Bible

World Mission Society Church of God

Biblical Answers To the World Mission Society Church of God – Encountering the Cult of Ahnsahnghong

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False and 'Near Christian' Religions


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The Real Yeshua/Jesus Biblical--Historical!

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