Ask Re’uben

How did (do) non-Jewish people become "righteous"

before God in Biblical times

and today, according to Jewish Law?


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Biblical Question:

How did (do) non-Jewish people become "righteous" before God in Biblical times

and today, according to Jewish Law?

Our Question:

Rick from Colorado asks:

Dear Pastor Reuben,

    I have been told by some Jewish people that I as a Gentile can become righteous to and before God without keeping the Jewish Law (613 Commandments).  What really are they talking about?  How can a Gentile become righteous before God?  Is Jewish Law seen as the way or is there another according to Jewish Law?  I appreciate your help. . 

Pastor Reuben's Answer:

Dear Rick, shalom,

The Seven Noahide Laws

   According to rabbinic tradition, non-Jews are obligated to abide by seven basic laws, called Noahide Laws, which are  based on chapter nine of Genesis. Judaism never expected anyone but Jews to abide by all the laws of the Torah (5 books of Moses), but it did expect all human beings to live by elementary  moral precepts.   The 7 Laws are:

   1.  To behave equitably in all relationships, & to establish courts of justice.
   2.  To refrain from blaspheming God's name.
   3.  To refrain from practicing idolatry.
   4.  To avoid immoral practices, specifically incest.
   5.  To avoid shedding the blood of one's fellow man.
   6.  To refrain from robbing one's fellow man.
   7.  To refrain from eating a limb torn from a live animal.

   A Gentile who observes these is considered a righteous  person (Chassid), & as such is assured a place in the world- to-come, just as any observant Jew who abides by all 613 precepts of the Torah .   Gentiles can become righteous.

   Of course this is not the Biblical way, which is seen as only possible through acceptance of the Messiah's way.  I believe such way to 'eternal life' with God, in the world-to-come, is by faith in the Messiah. On the basis of Jewish Scripture (the Bible) and historical facts, Yeshua (Jesus) is this expected anointed one from God, the " ONLY " Messiah, Redeemer, Savior.

   John 3:16    Romans 1:16-17

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