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Was the "Star of David" really something King David
or his son King Solomon used on their shields?

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Biblical Question:

Was the "Star of David" really something David or his son King Solomon used on their shields? 

Our Question:

Dear Pastor Reuben,

    Was the "Star of David" really something David or his son King Solomon used on their sheilds?  I have been told that.

Thanks, Robert

Pastor Reuben's Answer:

Shalom Robert,

  Although it is now the most common and universally recognized sign of Judaism and Jewish identity, both within and outside the Jewish community, it has only achieved this status in the last two hundred years.  Before that it was chiefly associated with magic or with the insignia of individual families or communities.  While many legends state it was used by David and Solomon, no real historical proof exists. Rather all evidence suggests that early use of it, the hexagram was limited to "practical Kabbalah", that is, Jewish magic, probably dating back to the 6th century.

 When the Zionist movement looked for a symbol they chose the "Star of David" because it was so well accepted as a Jewish symbol.  Then when Israel became a state, it became the state symbol of its own national redemption.  The "Star of David" is not in the Bible.  For more information on the history please see our article on such at our web page:   Star of David

 Hope this helps.  I pray the Lord will increase His will and purpose in your lives.

In Messiah,


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