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Do Jews still consider themselves saved

from God's judgement?


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Biblical Question:

Do Jews still consider themselves saved from God's judgment?


Our Question:

Dear Pastor Reuben,

    As God’s chosen people do Jews who do not believe in the sacrifice of Jesus  still consider themselves saved from God’s judgment, are there any scriptures supporting their doctrine.

Thanks, Graham

Pastor Reuben's Answer:

Shalom Graham,

  Yes, Jews hope in hope that God will not deal unkind with them and deliver them as He did to their fathers in Scripture.  However, relying on prayer, good deeds and charity to others is not the Lord's way to salvation; deliverance from the eternal wrath of God.  Only the Biblical faith and trust in His Messiah, the promised anointed One will do so.  Even retelling Biblical stories of His deliverance as a means of 'hope' will not do except that it may I pray, truly lead them to God and His salvation in Yeshua.  Jeremiah 29:13

May the Lord God be your peace and strength in His truth,

Pastor Reuben

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