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If  Eternity  Came
What if you laid your head down one night
Expecting to awaken by dawn’s early light
Instead of the morning, eternity came
You stood before God in your sin and your shame
An entrance to Heaven you earnestly sought
You searched for a gate or maybe a door
But there stood a man for you to implore
You looked in His eyes, blazing, yet sad
Your mouth could not open and your ‘good’ became bad
Suddenly your past became as the present
It all came so fast
People and places now filled your head
Images and voices of things that were said
Pictures and pages of words you had read
There was a colleague, your brother, a coach from your school,
a girl on a sidewalk, and a man on t.v.
All with one message, you’d failed to see
You realized at once Who was this Man
He was the entrance
That was the plan
His death would mean life
That’s why He came
You’d rejected His offer
You were to blame
For salvation was possible in only His name!
Darkness enveloped and flooded your soul
It swallowed your being
You entered a hole
Separated forever by the choice you had made
Entry Denied
Jeffrey D. Swank -'02  MENORAH-Menorah Ministries

How about you? Have you received your Redeemer,

the Stone whom the builders rejected?
In Him is life, light and joy and in His sacrifice is forgiveness of sin.

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