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 Re’uben Drebenstedt

Due to the demands on Re’uben’s time this information will help you when considering him for your event/church/conference.  Re’uben is first committed to his family and therefore will often need his wife Donna to travel and stay with him.


Secondly as the director of MENORAH –Menorah Ministries and pastor of the mission Congregation Or HaB’rith, we ask that you allow Re’uben to share briefly about the evangelistic work God has given to each and give people the opportunity to support these ministries.

All travelling expenses must be covered as well as your honorarium gift.  Where air travel is applicable the host must pay all airline costs. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Please complete all questions and send such to us by


1.     Event name and contact person

2.    Phone number

3.    Where is the event taking place?

4.    What is the purpose and is there a theme?

5.    Date and time(s)

6.   Other information you would like to share


Thank you for considering inviting Re’uben.


God bless and keep you!


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