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Yochanan/John 3:16-21




How to Be Born Again


More Than Dreams Testimony Video – Islamists meet the real Jesus!


Agenda of Islam     Allah = God of the Bible?     Authority of the Bible     Contrasting Jesus and Mohammad     Dhimmitude    


Does God have a Son?     Does Jesus-Yeshua claim to be God?     Islam and Christianity teachings  


God-Man concept in the Tanakh/O.T.     Is Jesus the Father and the Holy Spirit?    Jesus in the Qur’an


Jews and Christians in Islam     Jihad     Jihads Three Stages


Mohammad’s alleged night journey in Sura 17     Muslim Jesus vs Biblical Jesus     Origins of Islam


Partial listing of some variances in the Qur’an     Proving for Muslims that Jesus is God-L0rd      Sin in Christianity and Islam


Sin, Judgement and Righteousness     The Crusades     The Muslim and the followers of Jesus     The Messiah-His Deity


The straight path     Truth in Islam     Was the Quran from God?     Why neither Mohammed nor Baha’ullah are in the Bible


Why we love Muslims     Women under Islamic Sharia Law     19 Reasons why many honorable men do not want to be Muslim



 Romans 1:16-17

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