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Light of the Covenant   Romans 1:16-17


. . . . A Messianic Jewish Congregation . . . .

Pray the Lord will bless us with people who will

share actively in the missionary vision and

 community life of Or HaB’rith.

 Pray for our Light of the covenant to remain

 boldly unhidden & bright!


Prayer Card  ~ Full Doctrinal Statement


Meeting periodically within the Jewish Community


Meeting at the

Menorah Mission House

393 S. Ivy Street, Denver, CO 80224


Jews and Gentiles focused on Yeshua-Jesus,

the Bible and the Gospel

Evangelism ~ Bible Study

Fellowship ~ Worship

Not on Rabbinic Judaism.


Worship Services and Events

Please call to confirm meetings, events & times


Shabbat-Saturday Morning
9:30 a.m. Torah-Bible Study

10:45 a.m. Worship Service


Other Bible Study and
Special Services – Events
Please call for further information. Shalom!

Speakers & teachers available


A Messianic Jewish Resource Web Page


P. O. Box 460024 Denver, CO 80246
303-355-2009   fax 303-339-0365



Pray for Shalom in Jerusalem

 Tehillah-Psalm 122:6


Affiliated with

Menorah-Menorah Ministries

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